Trauma Centre Australia


If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your organistion deal with it.

Services we offer

Critical Incident and Trauma Response

We deal first hand with any critical incidents and provide immediate trauma response.

Trauma Support Groups

A new initiative within the Trauma Centre of Australia. Trauma Support Groups are a new service to help affected individuals gain support and care after a traumatic event has occurred.


We advocate the use of preventative strategies and training for building health and  resilience.


We deal with a range of conflict and mediation situations. Our services can be used to facilitate the resolution of disputes by involving workers, management, and employers in an informal non-adversarial process towards an agreement that is acceptable. Our services can be utilised to help resolve situations where independent third party involvement is preferred.

Drink-Driving Education Program

The Trauma Centre of Australia’s other subsidiary businesses, AAA Access Awareness and Add Education are two leading Drink-Driver Education Program providers in Victoria operating for nearly 20 years. We are able to provide Drink-Driver Awareness programs/workshops to your staff to better educate them of the effects of Alcohol and Driving as a preventative measure to prevent Drink-Driving.

Professional Services

We provide advice to management on how to effectively manage group and individual recovery.
We provide liaison with treating practitioners, insurance companies etc., and written reports to organisations.

Dedicated Pager Service

Pagers are operational 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, including special or public holidays. Pagers are manned by dedicated, full-time, out of hours consultants who assess the situation and provide the necessary support services. A mobile psychologist will call customers back within 10 minutes of being alerted by the pager.

After Hours Response

The Trauma Centre Australia provides all year round emergency service, trauma debriefing, mediation, and employee assistance to all contracted customers. These services are available to customers during business hours and access is offered after 5.00pm and before 9.00am on weekdays, and all hours on the weekends and public holidays.

Non-Immediate Trauma Response

Trauma assistance that does not require immediate response as per contractual obligations (i.e. 2 hours or same day) will be referred to an appropriate consultant.


TCA’s associate company Corpsychcare offers an Employee Assistance Program, which gives access to counselling support and assistance. It is confidential and usually accessed off-site

Victims of Crime

Counselling and therapy designed to help victims of crime such as robbery, assault and accidents.

Trauma & Grief Counselling

Trauma can occur in everyday life and affect people in different ways, trauma & grief counselling is a way to help you deal with trauma and grief. We provide individual monitoring and treatment as required.

  • Telephone Counselling

    Telephone counselling can be performed inside and outside working hours by qualified Counsellors and Psychologists.

  • Internet Counselling

    Through our Internet Counselling service, you are able to have anonymous internet counselling sessions with our qualified consultants.

  • General Counselling

    In some cases workplace or personal issues including stress, depression and marital issues may require professional psychological assistance.

  • Addictions Counselling

    Trauma Centre employ experts in the areas of drinking, drug, and eating disorders.

  • Career Counselling 

    Specialist career counselling and psychological testing is available


Many organisations at some point change direction, merge, downsize or close down parts of their businesses. Our services can help individuals and organisations move forward during these transitions.

Other Aspects

Our holistic approach to meeting our customer requirements extends our services to include events, seminars, clubs and venues.