Trauma Centre Australia


If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your organistion deal with it.

Professional Service

Immediate Response

We will always respond via telephone within 15 minutes of receiving the trauma alert, or arrive at the critical incident or trauma site in person within 2 hours of receiving the call.

For Face-to-face counselling appointments, if immediate care is required, this can be arranged for the same day service, or we will require 48 hours notice.

For Telephone or Online Counselling appointments, this can be arrange for same day service or when the convenient for the client.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Trauma Centre of Australia is an organisation that will undertake to offer quality Critical Incident, Trauma and EAP assistance to organisation to maintain a healthy working environment for your staff. Our response service and EAP Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There are 2 ways that employees or family members can make a booking:

Bookings made during Business Hours

Our support staff are available during business hours for intake and triage purposes should any employees or organisations wish to make a booking for a counselling session. Counselling session bookings can also be made through email, text and through our Internet Counselling Support service. Our aim is to create a user-friendly and easy to reach service that offers flexibility for each employee to use the service when needed.

Bookings made after Business Hours

All after hours calls will be answered by our On-call practitioner. Our On-call will be alerted with the call by the same pager system that most emergency services are currently using. This is to ensure that the call is immediately responded to and action will be taken promptly. Likewise, Council employees and family members are able to use the Online Counselling Support service to make bookings as well during after hours.