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If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your organistion deal with it.

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Video: Language is the Digestive Juice of the Mind

April 22, 2014

“Language is the digestive juice of the mind” A short snippet of our TAPIG (Trauma and Psychology Interest Group) Workshop with Rob Gordon in 2011. For more snippets of our TAPIG events, please subscribe to our quarterly “Inside Trauma” newsletter or subscribe to us on YouTube or Facebook.  To subscribe to our Inside Trauma Newsletter, […]

Domestic Violence

April 22, 2014

Domestic Violence is more prevalent than one would imagine. According to recent statistics, one in three individuals experience domestic violence, the most common form being sexual and or physical assault. Contrary to popular belief, domestic and family violence covers a range of abusive behaviours which can include sexual abuse, emotional and other psychological abuse. The […]

The Silent Treatment

April 22, 2014

Silence is a rare commodity in today’s busy world. We are bombarded with sounds and noise from the moment the alarm wakes us up in the morning until we turn the light out at night and sometimes not even then. Not only can noise increase our blood pressure and heart rate, disturb our sleep and […]

The Impact of Social Media & Cyber Bullying

April 21, 2014

Social media sites, such as Facebook and twitter, are an exciting and innovative way for people to communicate. However, with this new avenue for communication come new options to harass and bully one another, all from the privacy and safety of behind a screen. Cyber bullying is defined as any kind of bullying or harassment […]

What is White Noise?

April 20, 2014

White noise is a signal, process or sound that has a flat power spectral density. There may be a vast range of frequencies however each range has a uniformed frequency spectrum. You may be more familiar with white noise as an inconspicuous background noise such as a running shower, fish tank or fan. Pure digitally […]

What is Child Abuse?

April 17, 2014

Child abuse is an act by parents or caregivers which endangers a child or young person’s physical or emotional health or development. Child abuse can be a single incident, but usually takes place over time. In Victoria, a child or young person is defined as a person under 18 years of age (Children Youth and […]

Protecting your Children Against a Cruel Virtual World

April 14, 2014

Inside Trauma Newsletter – Autumn 2014 Technology has brought on the onset of information, and with that there have been both positive and negative consequences. In the case of Social Media, online forums, chat rooms and other instant messenger programs there are countless stories which involve cyber bullying and these have affected, and continue to affect, […]