Trauma Centre Australia


If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your organistion deal with it.


What is trauma response?

Trauma usually involves a critical incident that requires immediate assistance. Critical incidents can include workplace accidents, violence, explosions, fires, hold ups, and terrorism, which can seriously impact the people and immediate operation of an organisation. TCA’s intervention model offers immediate counselling and trauma management in order to alleviate immediate stress and reduce the likelihood of post traumatic stress disorder. Assistance can be provided at the incident site, at home, at our offices, by phone or internet, or at a suitable location.

I’m experiencing trauma, how do I get help right now?

Once the decision is made to access assistance for the experience of trauma, a call to our service centre on (03) 9205 9488 is usually the next step. Alternatively, an emergency assistance access button is displayed on the home page of this website. Simply click on the “I Need Help NOW” button located on the home page of this website or on the top of this page.

How quick will your response be?

A unique feature of TCA’s service model is its immediate response to a call for assistance. Our qualified psychologists can be on site within an agreed time frame – usually 2 hours. Our approach for providing immediate critical incident support and trauma counselling services generally follows a 1,1,2,4 structure.

  • 1 day after the incident
  • 1 week after the incident
  • 2 weeks after the last follow up
  • 4 weeks after the last follow up

This approach is flexible depending on the extent of the incident, individual needs, contractual arrangements, and negotiations between counsellor, organisation and managers.

What are the costs?

Costs range in accordance with service agreements, packages and requirements.

Customers Service Cost Time Period
Ad hoc Standard + Travel $195+ Per Hour
With Service Agreement Standard/Non-standard $145-$165
(based on CPI)
3 year
5 Year
Add ons (i.e. seminars, EAP)

How does my company obtain or commence trauma work with a service agreement?

Call head office to discuss packages, requirements, and employee numbers. Service agreements can be made as quickly as required.

Are Trauma Centre consultants qualified?

Trauma Centre of Australia has employed a team of specialized psychologists with skills that focus on critical incident and trauma situations. Our consultants are psychologists with experience in both counselling and organisational psychology.

All trauma response consultants are specifically trained and specialized in critical incident debriefing. All consultants have worked in the area of trauma counselling and are continually re-trained to maintain a best practice service delivery.

Will you treat my physiological symptoms?

We do not treat physiological symptoms but will make any necessary referrals. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of psychological symptoms caused by traumatic incidents.

Who do you respond to?

Everybody! Trauma does not discriminate between types of people. This is why here at the Trauma Centre we respond to all people including individuals, groups, children, visitors, victims of crime, employers, organisations, and government agencies. Some people that use our services have service agreements; others are on an ad hoc basis.

I live in a rural area, can you assist me?

Yes. Through TCA’s affiliate programme we are able to assist people living in remote and rural areas. Our affiliates respond to traumatic incidents all around the country.

I am experiencing life threatening dangers, what can I do?

If an incident is life threatening the first step is to call emergency services on 000. Once immediate threat has been removed, TCA services can help with psychological symptoms associated with the trauma.

My employee/s may be experiencing trauma, what should I do now?

Call TCA on our emergency helpline for immediate assistance and assessments.

What is a critical incident debrief and why do I need one?

Debriefing is a specific type of counselling that deals with initial shock following a trauma. Although some people do not realize they are experiencing shock, debriefing can help minimise any effects thereafter.

I cannot fill in the Service Authority Form, what can I do?

TCA have a team of dedicated people to help with forms and any other paperwork. Please call reception at our head office.