Trauma Centre Australia


If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your organistion deal with it.

About TCA


Our Mission Statement

To provide immediate response and Critical Incident Trauma Services to organisations and employees in order to aid in their recovery

Our Credentials

Trauma Centre Australia (TCA) is a recognised leader in dedicated trauma response and has a holistic approach to business continuity. Unlike other service providers that focus solely on disaster recovery, our services address the human element. We recognise that distress caused by a critical event can make it difficult, and sometimes not possible, for employees to fulfil their designated roles. In such circumstances, it is important for employees to gain clinical assistance and support – quickly! To ensure that the Trauma Centre of Australia is meeting a Best Practice Trauma Service we have initiated compliance from the guidelines of the Safety Institute.

Our People 

Trauma Centre Australia’s consultants are psychologists with experience in both counselling and organisational psychology. Confidentiality is a priority, therefore, employees decide what and if information is to be passed on to management. Written reports can be provided if requested by the organisation and consent is given by the employee.

Trauma Assistance can be provided at one of our offices, on your company premises, or at employees’ homes. We give a prompt response to requests for our service and endeavour to provide it in a way that causes minimal disruption to your organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading service provider for trauma and critical incident response to business and industry. We recognize the need to develop relationships with organisations, employees and effected clients, to assist towards self-recovery, and return to work.

Our primary vehicle (trauma response) is focused towards delivering efficient, immediate, psychological, hands-on support and debriefing to industry and business.

Our Customers

  • Ad hoc customers who require service response on an as needs basis.
  • First time customers who may avail the opportunity of continuing with our service.
  • New customers.
  • Referral customers.
  • Contract customers who have a current service agreement.